It’s the good sort of insta-love.


The Statistical Probability of Love, at First sight, was a bit of an eye-opener for me. My initial reaction after seeing the title was

1. ‘cool title!’ then, quite rapidly,

2. do I want to read a book where the insta-love, one of my greatest YA pet peeves, is immediately addressed in the title? I finally came to the conclusion that,

3. I did want to read this because the cover was stunning, everyone was loving it, and it sounded unique, fresh, and quirky. And I’m glad I picked it up.


I never even noticed that this book was set in the space of 1 day. It felt so much longer than that–perhaps it was the complex backstories of the characters, and the sharp contrast between the broken Hadley and the intelligent and slightly mysterious Oliver (what is he studying?), and the fact that Hadley was such a real character. I never exactly felt like it was annoying insta-love; Oliver was charming, witty, funny, and such a fantastic love interest.


I have to say, however, that I was expecting this book to be completely set on the plane, which would’ve been really awesome. I guess that there’s a limit to what you can do on an aeroplane when your characters are unable to connect with or contact with the outside world, and so the author had to move them off, which disappointed me a little. As much as I loved the British setting, I didn’t think the part on the plane went for long enough!


It’s not often that I say this for YA, but I don’t feel that there was enough romance. While Hadley and Oliver did have their moments and I understand that too much romance in a 24-h novel would’ve crossed the line to irritating, I felt as though the kissing scenes should’ve been longer. Or maybe that’s just coming from a die-hard Oliver fan :P.


This book isn’t about love at first sight. It’s about youth, and family, and learning to heal and move on. Jennifer Smith puts a new spin on an old story by creating a memorable cast of characters, heart-clenching romance, and insta-love that brightens your day. There’s someone out there waiting for you–all you need to do is find him. Four and a half stars.

It was good/It was amazing

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