Even in what could be conceived as a simple example but it’s pulled off very very well and it is tied in with real-world examples in a way that anyone can really relate to it so it’s powerful in that way definitely okay so that concludes what I had for you so I just want to leave you with this question of what is your story everyone has a different upbringing and different experiences and so I think just a matter of figuring out what do you want to share what do you want to write about what are you most passionate about making sure you’re giving yourself plenty of time to be able to put it together and put the pieces of this essay puzzle together and get someone outside perspective to make sure they’re all in the right places.

Before you submit it and then once it’s sent it’s out of your hands and you just kind of enjoy the ride um so now I realize I’ve put through all of that very quickly so if any of you have any questions or if there’s anything that I can further talk about or explain certainly I will allow a couple minutes here for any questions that you might have thank you so much Sarah for all that information that was fantastic and sarah said you guys feel free to write in the chat any questions you have to follow up it was very thorough so maybe the silence is that you that you gave just a ton of helpful information that was easily accessible Thank You Kathryn so I actually i’ll give you guys a chance to type in questions I’ll keep Sarah on here I have an additional slide just to talk about education USA and the ways that we can help you and yes Deborah what I’ll do is I’ll put this on youtube um and then I will email it out to everybody who was an attendee today and I do encourage you especially those of you who are guidance counselors which I know we have a few on please share this with your students who are planning on writing essays either for us admissions or for scholarships as Sarah was mentioning these tips are similar for any of these kinds of essays.

So I just wanted to bring up some examples some personal examples of students I worked with for their essays and once topics that I felt were successful and just to capitalize Sarah’s point so one student wrote an essay about teaching swim lesson lessons to a deaf child and what he learned from that and how he learned how to persevere with the stewart student and now she’s a very good swimmer but she’s very difficult at first and everything that he learned from himself through that experience so it’s a real character character building exercise and music composition as a form of communication this is somebody who couldn’t communicate with her grandfather they speak different languages and she chose to write music and and dedicate music to him which is quite a beautiful story but very and didn’t show up anywhere else on her application with something that she did outside of her resume outside of school.