Essay writing service I teach this unit at the end of the school year. The first time I taught the unit, I was shocked as to how well my third graders did on the final independent essay. Their insightful writing blew me away. They were able to proficiently apply the knowledge they had learned during the lessons independently on the assessment piece.

The unit includes 10 scripted lesson plans that follow the writing workshop model. They each include an objective, materials needed, connection, teach component, active engagement, link, and share. The unit uses short story texts: Peter’s Chair, Kenny and the Little Kickers, Appleton “Neighbors” and Fireflies. If you have access to these texts that is a bonus, but I have also included typed versions of these texts. The lessons will also work easily with other texts of your choosing.

Lesson 1: Essay Writers Read Text Closely.

Objective: Students gather ideas for literary essays by reading text closely and jotting what they are noticing about the text.

Lesson 2: Essay Writers Add Their Thinking.

Objective: Students will think about their noticings (text evidence) and record what their noticings makes them think about the character.

Lesson 3: Essay Writers Pay Close Attention to Tension.

Objective: Students will read and pay close attention to tension in a story recording their thoughts.

Lesson 4: Essay Writers Pay Close Attention to Character Change and Turning Point.

Objective: Students will read and pay close attention to character change in the story and the turning point recording their thinking.

Lesson 5: Essay Writers Seek out a Lesson Learned.

Objective: Students will read and pay close attention to lessons learned recording their thinking.

Lesson 6: Essay Writers Draft an Introduction.

Objective: Students will draft an introduction called a tiny summary.

Lesson 7: Essay Writers Draft the Middle.

Objective: Students will draft the second paragraph.

Lesson 8: Essay Writers Draft the Middle Day 2.

Objective: Students will draft the third paragraph.

Lesson 9: Essay Writers Draft a Conclusion.

Objective: Students will draft a conclusion.

Lesson 10: Essay Writers Consider Transitions/Flow/Language

Objective: Students will revise essays by paying attention to transitions and language.

This MEGA Bundle of Writers Workshop Unit Plans that follow the structure of Lucy Calkins’ Writers Workshop and the Common Core Standards. Below is the description of each unit which is written as simple, easy-to-follow lesson plans with materials PLUS an added bonus of Partner Writing Activity materials for Narrative Writing.