When people become engaged in various scientific issues, they revise their ideas of researches and their importance for future technological and scientific progress of the nation and world. As most researchers are talented people with original ideas, it is clear that patenting and plagiarism are concepts relevant to the area of scientific grants and investment. Different laboratories all over the world work on various projects; the projects can vary in scale, significance, and the number of contributors. One more difference of various scientific projects lies in the investment of those. Some scientific experiments can be financially supported by government, whereas others are invested by private organizations. The size of the project also influences the number of stages necessary to complete the research and the number of experiments needed to see the real data.

Importance of financial support

The importance of financial support is one of the issues discussed before conducting researches. When people come to know that an ordinary experiment requires some investment, they give up trying to complete the project. The least survey or account in a scholarly database requests some costs to be spent. In this respect, it is great when a researcher has some investors from the very beginning and can devote himself/herself to experiments and scientific activity only. Different official organizations are aimed at supporting beginners in scientific area in order to encourage their strivings for creativity.

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation is one of the official organizations that support researchers in their strivings. Grants given by this institution give researchers an opportunity to contribute to the progress of science and engineering by means of conducting various experiments. Grant programs carried out by foundation help to coordinate the efforts of researchers. Governmental policies are adopted and applied by this organization regarding the importance of research and progress.