I’m going to go through and give you the particular parts and then you can fill it in all right so why don’t we start off the beginning up here is what we call a grabber okay the grabber and you’re going to say what is a grabber well let’s not grab her don’t get a girl and grab her you’ll go to jail what you want to do is catch someone’s attention.

If you remember rightly I said I’m not really interested in what was in the paper and I wasn’t and it’s simply because they didn’t grab my intention to grab means to catch and hold they didn’t catch it and hold it now a good grabber I wrote this here but what a good grabber will do with will make you read it and look at it at first and then make you want to go deeper well how do we get a good grabber well there are five basic ways we usually talk about five finger method right now number one is this and on why did the chicken cross the road come on you want to know right okay.

To go to Kentucky Fried Chicken and see his relatives you like right you like it’s horrible it’s horrible but it’s a joke sometimes you can actually start off an essay with a joke a little bit of a joke it makes people go that’s funny and then I’m going to say why did you tell me this joke I grabbed you I got you now you’re curious about what else I have to say even if it’s not the best joke okay now sometimes we want to be a little bit more serious because we are obviously still studying at higher Institutes of learning all right and if you’re doing that then you might want to go a little bit higher you might want to put down the old Provo Meo proverb.

You know a bird in the hand oops right that’s proffered I preferred something else when I didn’t write it all right proverb all right and you know a proverb is basically something that’s been written a long time ago everybody kind of knows it we don’t know who said it a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush George Bush I’m not talking about you okay you know that everybody knows these things I mean that one is in several languages people literally have told me we’ve that’s it we have it in my language who made it we don’t know but then sometimes you wanna get a little bit more you know poignant or you want to get a little bit more serious so you want to use a quote one of my favorite quotes is by a guy named Winston Churchill a Prime Minister of England and one day I wear my England shirt with my name on it look out for that lesson okay anyway he said I am always ready to learn however I am NOT always prepared to be taught and that’s where I kind of get my philosophy for teaching as well.